A Thousand Butterflies - A Partner in Global Fair Trade
Mindful consumerism - helping to improve the lives of those living in poverty

A Thousand Butterflies is a source for beautiful Fair Trade, culturally inspired, handmade gifts, home goods, jewelry, accessories and body essentials.

About Us

As one reaches that plateau in life, you begin to ask yourself what your greater purpose in life is. After a moment, I came to the conclusion that giving back to humanity in a meaningful way, to support those in the world, particularly those in underdeveloped countries who have so little, was the right direction. Fair Trade has always been an interest and paired with an avenue in which creative expression could also be practiced, I began to buy handmade beads from BeadForLife, (a Fair Trade partner working with Ugandan women beaders) to incorporate into my jewelry. This was an exciting step for me in that by buying these beads I was contributing to the lives of those women and families in Uganda, however, this was a small step. I wanted to do more to help in a greater manner and A Thousand Butterflies came to be, offering a larger platform in which to showcase the unique, handmade goods of many artisans and farmers and to provide an avenue in which to reach the greater public. Through Fair Trade product sales, it is creating opportunity in which to lift people out of poverty, provides a source for education, safe work environment, fair pay, ensuring the rights of children and nurturing respect and cultural identity for the artisans, farmers, their families and communities and in many cases enabling artisans to become entrepreneurs.

Our Name

A Thousand Butterflies - represents transformation, beauty and well being. As with the butterfly and it's amazing ability to metamorphose into a physically beautiful creature, who elicits emotion within us and provides essential contributions to the health of our world. I relate the transformation and beauty of a butterfly with the hope of contributing to the transformation and empowerment of women, children and communities in underdeveloped regions of the world and to celebrate in and share the beauty and contributions that they bring to our world with their unique, hand crafted goods and cultural traditions.

Our Inspiration

Inspiration is found through compassion for humanity, celebrating the beauty in world cultures and traditions and the hope of contributing to humanity, to lift up those in need.

A Thousand Butterflies - A Partner in Global Fair Trade

Laura Vance - Owner
Antioch, CA
Phone: 510-575-5591

"Our human compassion binds us the one to the other - not in pity or patronizingly, but as human beings who have learnt how to turn our common suffering into hope for the future." Nelson Mandela